Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For those of you who procrastinated or forgot, you missed an awesome time! The first project was a personalized sign with chalkboard area, decorative papers and embellishments. Below is the one Amy made for her room. . . of course, in blue and green. It's also made from foamboard so you can use the decorated parts to adhere sticky notes or use push pins to hold messages and reminders.

Then, Ms. Jodie didn't want to have her photo taken, but mom Patty was gracious enough to oblige. Jodie's personalized sign came out beautifully. She chose hardboard instead of foamboard so she can use sticky notes, and of course, her chalk!

Jennifer and Grace were delighted to show off both of their projects, and the last two photos are of the special box made by Jodie. The box project was fairly quick and by making this item, the participants know better how to take an ordinary household object and turn it into a beautiful treasure box or gift package.

Each person used the same set of supplies but all the results were indivudal and personalized. That's the beauty of stamping!

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