Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saipan Southern High School

Sudi Napalan, the librarian at Saipan Southern High School, has been a fan of Stampin' Up! for a while now and attends my events regularly. She asked me to consider doing a stamping demonstration during Teen Week and I was glad to do so. The more I thought about things, the more I wanted to work with these students again.

I agreed to donate supplies and time and expertise to show the students how to make simple cards. Every card will be sent to soldiers from the CNMI who are away from family and friends. The soldiers can use the blank cards to send home, keeping in touch better with the ones that miss them so dearly.

These are some of the wonderful creations the students have made with very little instruction from me! The talent is abundant, and the enthusiasm is very rewarding.

I'm proud to say that we meet every other Wednesday, and the students make 10 to 20 cards per session. They learn more and more each week about the art of stamping! I challenge you to do one small thing in your life that reflects a gift from your heart. . .

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