Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coloring on the rubber. . .technique!!

There are two ways to do this technique. One way is to use the fat end of the SU markers to color directly on the rubber of your solid image stamps. Start with the LIGHTEST colors first and lead to the darker colors so that you don't get your markers all messy. Then HUFF on your stamp to re-wet it. Huffing is breathing hot warm breath on your stamp. It is a bit silly but is the most efficient and easy way to do that!

The other option is to use your aquapainter to pick up color (either from your ink refill, your markers scribbled on plastic, or your ink spots dabbed on plastic). Paint the color on the rubber of your stamp. Also with this technique, use the lightest color first and then go to the darker colors. This method is wetter and does not require huffing. Sometimes you can stamp an immediate second image and get two images for the work of one!

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